Priscilla Alvarez Wikipedia, Height, Wiki, Journalist, Age, Instagram, Nationality, Husband

Priscilla Alvarez Wikipedia, Height, Wiki, Journalist, Age, Instagram, Nationality, Husband

Priscilla Alvarez Wikipedia
Priscilla Alvarez Wikipedia, Height, Wiki, Journalist, Age, Instagram, Nationality, Husband

Priscilla Alvarez Wikipedia, Height, Wiki, Journalist, Age, Instagram, Nationality, Husband: Priscilla Alvarez is from Leesburg, Virginia, and she’s really good at journalism. She does many different things like reporting, making content, being on social media, writing, hosting, and even starting her own business. People know her well in the media world. This paragraph talks about Priscilla’s life and job, showing how she is good at many things.

Priscilla Alvarez Bio

NamePriscilla Alvarez
ProfessionJournalist, Content Creator, Social Media Influencer
Age35 years old
Birth Date1988
Birth PlaceLeesburg, Virginia, USA
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJason Andino
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBrown
Height5.5 Feet
Net Worth$2 million
Current ProfessionReporter at CNN News
EducationCommunication and Multimedia, Virginia Tech
Personal LifeMarried to Jason Andino (2021)

Priscilla Alvarez Education and Early Life

Priscilla Alvarez was born in Leesburg, Virginia, in 1988. Later, she moved to Washington, D.C., to pursue her passion for reporting. Although her exact birthday is not disclosed, she is reported to be 35 years old currently. Priscilla attended a local high school in her hometown before enrolling at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. There, she earned a degree in Communication and Multimedia and also took a minor in Spanish. During her educational journey, she gained practical experience in journalism through an internship at Leesburg Today News.

Priscilla Alvarez’s Media Journey: From Intern to Assistant Editor

Priscilla Alvarez started working in June 2011 as an intern at Leesburg Today magazine. As time went on, she did different jobs, like being the boss and manager for Collegiate Times and working at Washingtonian Magazine. In August 2014, she got a job as a reporter for USA Today magazine. Later, she became an assistant editor at The Atlantic, where she covered big events like the 2016 election and immigration issues. This showed she was getting really good at her job in the media.

Priscilla Alvarez White House Reporting and CNN

In January 2019, Priscilla Alvarez joined CNN and now works as a reporter. She talks about immigration, politics, and policy in her reports. Many people know her because she writes important news stories. She also reports from the White House, which is a big deal. Priscilla is so good at her job that she has won awards and got honors for her excellent reporting.

Priscilla Alvarez: A Happy Marriage and Balanced Life

In 2021, Priscilla Alvarez got married to her boyfriend, Jason Andino. She is now happily married and divides her time between her job as a journalist and her happy family life.

Priscilla Alvarez Recognition and Net Worth

Net Worth (2023)$2 million
Career StatusSuccessful Journalist
InfluenceNotable in Media

Priscilla’s Varied Aspects

Diverse Reporting by Priscilla

Priscilla Alvarez tells us about lots of different things in her reports. She talks about what’s happening all around the world and the news that’s going on right now. What’s cool about her is that she can talk about many different topics, showing that she’s a versatile journalist.

Priscilla’s Career Growth

Priscilla started working in 2011 as an intern. She worked hard and moved up in her job, contributing a lot to famous publications.

Priscilla: A Pet Lover and more

Besides her job, Priscilla really likes animals and has a dog. She also enjoys doing different things on the internet, like fixing writing, writing blogs, using Photoshop, making media, and writing articles.

Affiliations and Recognition

Priscilla Alvarez is really good at journalism, and people have noticed her hard work. She got an award from the Virginia Press Association in May 2013, which is a big deal. She is also part of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington, DC, which shows she’s important in the journalism community.

Priscilla Alvarez Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLink
InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Priscilla Alvarez started in a town called Leesburg and now she’s a big deal in American journalism. She works at CNN and does a great job. Her story is inspiring for people who want to be journalists or anyone trying to understand how media works. It shows that with hard work and different skills, anyone can do well in journalism.


When did Priscilla Alvarez begin her career in journalism?

Priscilla Alvarez started her journalism career in June 2011.

What is Priscilla Alvarez’s current position at CNN?

Priscilla Alvarez is currently a reporter specializing in immigration, politics, and policy at CNN.

What is a notable recognition Priscilla Alvarez received in her journalism career?

Priscilla Alvarez received an honor from the Virginia Press Association in May 2013.


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