Home Biography 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship
50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend: In the world of fun and excitement, sometimes famous people become friends in surprising ways. Imagine a rapper named 50 Cent and a funny lady called Chelsea Handler. They became friends for a short time, and everyone got interested in their friendship. Even though it didn’t last long, people were curious about these two famous people from different worlds. It was like a short but exciting story in their lives.

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship
50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend

Who Is 50 Cent?

Meet 50 Cent, a cool American guy who does a lot of fun things. He sings, acts, makes TV shows, and is good at business. He became really famous around the year 2000, especially for his first album called “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” This album made him a big star, and he even got a special award called a Grammy. But 50 Cent isn’t just about music; he’s also good at acting and smart about business. He invests his money in different things like boxing, clothes, and even his own special drink. So, he’s not just a singer and actor – he’s a big deal in many ways!


Who Is Chelsea Handler?

Let’s talk about Chelsea Handler, a funny lady from America. Chelsea is not just a comedian; she also acts, writes, hosts TV shows, and makes things happen behind the scenes. She’s been doing this for a long time and is famous for being really funny and honest. One big thing she did was host a late-night talk show called “Chelsea Lately” from 2007 to 2014. People loved her show because it was funny and had great conversations. After that, she had another show on Netflix called “Chelsea.” Chelsea is not just about making people laugh; she’s also a best-selling author. Her books, like “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea,” tell funny stories about her life.

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship?

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship
50 Cent and Chelsea Handler Relationship, Partner, Boyfriend

Let’s talk about the short and sweet love story between 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler. Even though it didn’t last long, their romantic time in 2011 caught everyone’s attention. They’re from different worlds – 50 Cent, the cool rapper, and Chelsea Handler, the funny comedian. The news came out when Chelsea talked about it on “The Howard Stern Show” in 2012, saying they were a couple for about two months. It was a bit surprising because they seemed so different. Even though their love story was short, people couldn’t stop talking about it, especially when Chelsea shared playful posts about 50 Cent on social media.

Confirmation and Duration:

Let’s find out how 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler talked about their relationship. At first, they kept it secret, but Chelsea spilled the beans on “The Howard Stern Show” in 2012. She told everyone that they were together for around two months. Even though it was a short time, their romance got a lot of attention because they are different. People were curious, and Chelsea’s social media posts added more fun to the story.

Nature of the Relationship:

What was their relationship like? Well, Chelsea described it as “casual.” It means they were just exploring and having fun without making it too serious. They didn’t share many details, keeping things private. The public saw it as a short and sweet connection between two famous people from different sides of the entertainment world. Even though it was just a quick thing, people found it interesting.

Current Status:

So, what happened next? The love story ended in 2011, and both 50 Cent and Chelsea moved on with their lives. They didn’t have any hard feelings. In 2023, Chelsea called 50 Cent her “favorite ex” in an interview, showing that they look back at it with good memories. 50 Cent took it in a funny way too, joking on social media. They both showed that you can handle past relationships with humor and kindness. It was a short chapter, but it ended on a happy note.


In the end, even though 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler’s romance was brief, it made a mark. We might not know all the details, but it showed us a glimpse of two big personalities in the entertainment world. Their ability to handle the spotlight with grace and humor tells us they are mature and respect each other. It’s like a small but memorable part of their big stories.

50 Cent REACTS To Chelsea Handler’s Wild Joke About Their Dating Past



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