Corum Michigan Ethnicity, Wiki, Nationality, Parents, Bio, Height, Stats, Face

Corum Michigan Ethnicity, Wiki, Nationality, Parents, Bio, Height, Stats, Face

Corum Michigan Ethnicity
Corum Michigan Ethnicity, Wiki, Nationality, Parents, Bio, Height, Stats, Face

Corum Michigan Ethnicity, Wiki, Nationality, Parents, Bio, Height, Stats, Face: Blake Corum is a really good football player, and he plays an important role for the University of Michigan Wolverines. This article talks about different parts of Corum’s life, like where he’s from, personal stuff, what he’s achieved, and some important numbers in his games. People really like him for how well he plays for the University of Michigan Wolverines. He works hard, does great things, and many people think he’s awesome in football.

Corum Michigan Bio

Full NameBlake Nolan Corum
NicknameBlake Corum
Date of BirthNovember 25, 2000
Age23 years old
Place of BirthMarshall, Virginia, United States
ProfessionAmerican football running back
Height5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters)
Weight190 pounds
EducationSt. Frances Academy
FamilyFather: James Corum (former college football player), Mother: Yvette Corum
Corum Michigan Ethnicity, Wiki, Nationality, Parents, Bio, Height, Stats, Face

Blake Corum’s Background and Physical Attributes

Blake Corum was born on November 25, 2000, in Marshall, Virginia. He plays football and is from a mix of backgrounds. He is not too tall, standing at 5 feet 8 inches, and he weighs 190 pounds. These things help him a lot when he plays football.

Corum’s Education and Early Achievements

Blake Corum went to a school called St. Frances Academy. There, he got really good at football. In 2019, he got an award for being the best player in Maryland, showing he’s good not only in football but also in other things.

Corum’s Remarkable Career with the Michigan Wolverines

Blake Corum has done really well playing for the Michigan Wolverines. In 2022, he got a big award and everyone agreed he was one of the best players. He ran a lot, scoring many points for his team. He even broke a record at Maryland.

Notable Career Stats and Records

When we look at the numbers for Blake Corum’s games, they show he’s done amazing things for the University of Michigan’s football team. In 2023, he almost got another big award, and he’s now the third-best in the university’s history for scoring points. He broke a lot of records by running really fast and scoring a lot.

Corum’s Family and Personal Life

Outside of playing football, Blake Corum has a family. His dad, James Corum, used to play football too, and his mom, Yvette Corum, always supports him. He also helps the community, which is like helping others, and he got an award for that too.

Michigan Wolverines’ Star Running Back Impact

Blake Corum is a big deal for the Michigan Wolverines. He’s not just good at playing football; he also helps the team a lot. People really like him, and he is an important part of Michigan’s football history. He shows everyone that working hard is important.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Blake Corum is still doing great in his last year of college. He ran a lot and scored many points, making a new record. People think he will get picked early in the NFL Draft in 2024. This means he will get to play football as a job, and everyone is excited to see what he does next.

Corum’s Social Media Accounts

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In the end, Blake Corum started as a good player in high school, and now he is a big star for the Michigan Wolverines. He is not only good at football but also a nice person. His family and the team are proud of him. People are excited to see what he does in the future.


What is Blake Corum’s notable achievement in 2022 with the Michigan Wolverines?

Blake Corum achieved unanimous All-American status and received the prestigious Chicago Tribune Silver Football.

How did Blake Corum contribute to the University of Michigan’s football legacy in 2023?

In 2023, Blake Corum became a finalist for the Wuerffel Trophy and holds the remarkable position of being 3rd all-time in career touchdowns at the university.

What family background does Blake Corum come from, and how has it influenced his life?

Blake Corum’s father, James Corum, being a former college football player, and the support of his mother, Yvette Corum, have played a significant role in his life and football journey.

What sets Blake Corum apart as a symbol for the Michigan Wolverines beyond his on-field achievements?

Blake Corum’s dedication to community service, reflected in his Wuerffel Trophy nomination, highlights his commitment to making a positive impact beyond sports, solidifying his role as a symbol for the team’s excellence.


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