Dan Quinn Wikipedia, Wiki, Resume, Replacements, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Contract, Stats

Dan Quinn Wikipedia, Wiki, Resume, Replacements, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Contract, Stats

Dan Quinn Wikipedia, Wiki, Resume, Replacements, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Contract, Stats: Dan Quinn is a famous person in American football. He did a lot of important things, especially when he worked as a coach for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. This article talks about his life, job, and who he is as a person. It tells about when he was young, his family, where he went to school, the important things he did as a coach, and also about his life outside of football.

Dan Quinn Bio

Full NameDaniel Patrick Quinn
NicknameSeptember 11, 1970
Age53 years old
Profession(s)Morristown, New Jersey, United States
Famous ForNFL
Birth PlaceMorristown, New Jersey, United States
HometownNew Jersey, United States
Dan Quinn Wikipedia, Wiki, Resume, Replacements, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Contract, Stats

Dan Quinn Early Life

Dan Quinn was born in Morristown, New Jersey, on September 11, 1970. We don’t know much about his early life or his parents’ names. Dan grew up in (Morris Township) & went to (Morristown High School). After that, he went to Salisbury State University, where he did well in both school and football. He even got a special award for being really good at playing football.

Dan Quinn Educational Journey

Dan Quinn went to Salisbury State University for school. We don’t know exactly what degree he got, but going to that school helped him become a good leader and coach.

Dan Quinn Personal Life

Besides football, Dan Quinn has a family. He is married to Stacey Quinn, and she inspires him in his coaching. They are a strong team together, which helps Dan in his coaching career.

Dan Quinn Family

Dan Quinn really cares about his family. His parents are Jim and Sue Quinn, and he has brothers and sisters named Mike, Tim, Peter, Brian, and Maribeth Eppen. They support him a lot, and their values have shaped how Dan approaches both football and life.

Dan Quinn Affairs & Marital Bliss

Dan Quinn Wikipedia
Dan Quinn Affairs & Marital Bliss

In his romantic life, Dan Quinn found lasting love with Stacey Quinn. They got married after dating for a few years, and their strong relationship is an important part of Dan’s success as a coach.

Dan Quinn Measurements

Dan Quinn is not only a good coach but also a fit and healthy person. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs 73 kg, and takes good care of his body. This shows how dedicated he is to his coaching philosophy.


Dan Quinn Career Odyssey

Dan Quinn started coaching at William & Mary Tribe football team and Virginia Military Institute. Later, he joined the San Francisco 49ers and then became the defensive coach for the Seattle Seahawks. He even helped the team win two Super Bowls. After that, he became the head coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

Dan Quinn Net Worth

Dan Quinn has made a lot of money from coaching in the NFL. His net worth is around $1.7 million. This shows that he not only brings success to his teams but also earns well from his coaching career.

Dan Quinn Favorite Things and Hobbies

Dan Quinn has some favorite things. His favorite actress is Angelina Jolie, favorite actor is Ben Affleck, favorite singer is Chris Brown, and favorite food is Pizza. He also likes traveling, and his dream is to explore the world after he stops coaching. Dan prefers spending time with his family over going to clubs or parties.

Dan Quinn Social Media Accounts

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Dan Quinn Wikipedia, Wiki, Resume, Replacements, Net Worth, Wife, Salary, Contract, Stats


In the end, Dan Quinn’s story from Morristown to becoming an NFL coaching star is about hard work, love for the game, and being a good leader. More than just winning or losing games, his story teaches us about staying strong, valuing family, and truly loving the sport. As he starts new journeys, Dan Quinn’s coaching style continues to inspire football fans and young athletes alike.


What is Dan Quinn’s estimated net worth, and how did he primarily earn his wealth?

Dan Quinn’s estimated net worth is $1.7 million, and he earned it mainly from his successful career as an NFL coach.

Can you share one of Dan Quinn’s favorite holiday destinations and his aspirations after retirement?

Dan Quinn’s favorite holiday destination is Rome, and after retirement, he dreams of exploring the world.

In terms of physical appearance, what are some of Dan Quinn’s notable measurements and characteristics?

Dan Quinn stands at 5 feet 9 inches, weighs 73 kg, and possesses a well-maintained body with a chest of 46 inches, a waist of 35 inches, and biceps measuring 16 inches.

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