Gluttony Berserk Season 2: Confirmed, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More

Gluttony Berserk Season 2: Confirmed, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More

Gluttony Berserk Season 2
Gluttony Berserk Season 2: Confirmed, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More

Gluttony Berserk Season 2: Confirmed, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More: People really like Gluttony Berserk because it’s interesting. Season 1 made them feel different emotions, like being happy or thinking a lot. Now, everyone wants to know what will happen next with Fate Barbatos in Season 2. It’s like a big adventure that makes people excited. Fans are waiting to see what surprises come in the new season of this cool story.

Gluttony Berserk Season 2: Release Date and Renewal Status

People are really excited about Gluttony Berserk Season 2. The first season came out on October 5, 2023, and it has been a topic of discussion for anime fans. Some people love it, some don’t, and some have mixed feelings. Season 1 has 12 episodes, and it’s still airing every Thursday. The show has good ratings, but there’s no official news about Season 2 yet. Fans hope that if Season 1 stays popular, we’ll hear about Season 2 soon.

Gluttony Berserk Season 2 Release Date | Trailer | Cast | Expectation | Ending Explained

Gluttony Berserk Season 2 Storyline: What to Expect

The story is about Fate Barbatos, who has a special power called Gluttony. In Season 2, Fate will become stronger and learn to control his power. There might be some complications in his relationships, especially with Roxy. The light novel reveals that Fate and Roxy become best friends, not romantic partners. Season 2 will bring new enemies, victories, and losses for the characters.

Gluttony Berserk Season 2 Cast and Staff

The people making the show are from A.C.G.T. Studios, and Tetsuya Yanagisawa is the director. The main characters have voice actors like Ryouta Oosaka, Tomokazu Seki, and Hisako Toujou. The show has good ratings so far, with fans liking it on and Crunchyroll.

Episode Details and Season 2 Expectations

If Season 2 happens, it will probably have around 12 episodes, like Season 1. Each episode is about 23 minutes long, and they might come out every week. But we don’t know for sure until there’s an official announcement.

Where to Watch Gluttony Berserk

You can watch Gluttony Berserk on different platforms like Crunchyroll, Muse Asia’s YouTube channel, U-NEXT, Anime Hodai, Prime Video, Apple TV, and Japanese TV channels Tokyo MX, SUN TV, and BS11.

Gluttony Berserk Season 2 Trailer

There’s no trailer for Season 2 yet. Fans are waiting to see a sneak peek of what’s coming. While waiting, they can watch the trailer for the first season.


Fans are eagerly awaiting Gluttony Berserk Season 2, fueled by the success of the first season. Despite the unknown release date, positive ratings, and ongoing popularity hint at promising developments. The dynamic discussions and diverse opinions within the anime community only add to the excitement surrounding this fantasy series.


What makes Gluttony Berserk Season 1 special to fans?

Fans love Season 1 because it has a mix of emotions and an interesting storyline.

Why are people eagerly anticipating Gluttony Berserk Season 2?

People can’t wait for Season 2 because they want to know what happens next to Fate Barbatos and the other characters.

What makes Gluttony Berserk different from other anime series?

Gluttony Berserk stands out because it keeps viewers curious with its unique story and characters.

Where can fans watch Gluttony Berserk and catch up on the adventure?

Fans can watch Gluttony Berserk on platforms like Crunchyroll, Muse Asia’s YouTube channel, and many others to follow the exciting journey.


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