Iggy Azalea Ethnic Background, Ethnicity, Bikini, Kids, Pregnant, Son Father, Child, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Husband, Instagram

Iggy Azalea Ethnic Background, Ethnicity, Bikini, Kids, Pregnant, Son Father, Child, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Husband, Instagram

Iggy Azalea Ethnic Background
Iggy Azalea Ethnic Background, Ethnicity, Bikini, Kids, Pregnant, Son Father, Child, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Husband, Instagram

Iggy Azalea Ethnic Background, Ethnicity, Bikini, Kids, Pregnant, Son Father, Child, Age, Measurements, Net Worth, Husband, Instagram: Iggy Azalea, born on June 7, 1990, is a well-known rapper, songwriter, and former model. With a net worth of $15 million as of 2023, she has earned recognition in the music industry. Iggy’s journey reflects determination and talent, facing challenges on her way to success. Her story serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to achieve their dreams through hard work and passion.

Iggy Azalea Bio

Full NameAmethyst Amelia Kelly
Stage NameIggy Azalea
Net Worth$15 Million (as of 2023)
Date of BirthJune 7, 1990
Age32 Years Old (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Current ResidenceUnited States
NationalityAustralian and American
EthnicityScandinavian and Asian
Zodiac SignGemini
Height182 cm (in centimeters), 1.82 m (in meters), 5’ 10” (in feet and inches)
Weight68 kg (in kilograms), 149 lbs (in pounds)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlonde
EducationDropped out of High School
FamilyParents: Brendan Kelly (Father), Tanya Kelly (Mother) Siblings: Mathias Kelly (Brother), Emerald Kelly (Sister)
ChildrenOnyx Kelly (Son)
OccupationSongwriter, Rapper, Model
Notable RelationshipsPlayboi Carti, Nick Young (Ex), A$AP Rocky (Ex)
ControversiesSong “DRUGS” accent controversy (2012), Comments on racism (2018)
Net Worth Summary$15 Million (as of 2023)

Iggy Azalea Education and Early Life

Iggy Azalea was born in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in a nice family with her mom, dad, and two siblings, Mathias and Emerald. Her dad was an artist, and her mom worked as a cleaner in hotels.

When Iggy was in school, she decided to leave and not finish high school. Instead, she started working with her mom, cleaning hotel rooms and holiday houses. Even though she didn’t finish school, Iggy went on to become a famous rapper and singer. Sometimes, our paths in life can be different, and Iggy’s story shows that it’s okay to take your own journey.

Iggy Azalea’s Journey to Becoming a Rapper


Iggy Azalea really liked rap when she was 14. She decided to go to the United States to become a rapper. This choice was important for her future career. Iggy’s story shows that if you want to make your dreams come true, you might need to take some big steps, just like she did.

Iggy Azalea’s Musical Journey to Fame

In 2011, Iggy Azalea started her music journey by releasing her first mixtape called “Ignorant Art.” It was a big step for her. One of her songs, “Pussy,” became very popular, and people started to notice her in the music world. The next year, she brought out her first studio album named “The New Classic,” and it had a famous song called “My World.”

After that, Iggy’s music career went even higher with more music releases like “Glory” and “Millionaire Misfits.” She didn’t just stay in the studio; she went on big music tours,”The New Classic Tour” in 2014. This made her a well-known and important person in the music industry.

Controversies in Iggy Azalea’s Career

Iggy Azalea, the famous rapper, has faced some problems in her career. In 2012, people got upset about her song “DRUGS” because she used a way of speaking that some thought was not okay. Some said it was like blackface, which is when someone does something that’s not respectful to African-American culture. In 2018, Iggy talked about racism in America, and this made some people upset too. These things made her public image more complicated because people had different opinions about her actions.

Iggy Azalea’s Family and Relationships & All

Iggy Azalea has a special family. She has a son named Onyx Kelly from her time with rapper Playboi Carti. Onyx is very important to Iggy, and she loves being his mom.

Iggy has also been in relationships with other famous people like basketball player Nick Young and rapper A$AP Rocky. But sometimes relationships have challenges, like when Nick Young wasn’t faithful, and they had to break up. Iggy’s life has many interesting stories!

Iggy Azalea’s Unique Look

Iggy Azalea looks very special. She is quite tall, standing at 5 feet 10 inches. Her body shape is like an hourglass, and her measurements are 33-24-37 inches. Iggy has long, dyed blonde hair and beautiful black eyes that catch your attention. What makes her even more unique is that she has tattoos on her body, which she uses to express herself. It’s like she has her own special style that makes her stand out.

Iggy Azalea’s Award Achievements

American Music AwardsRap and Hip Hop Categories (2 awards)
MTV Video Music Award2014
Teen Choice AwardsMultiple recognitions
MTV Europe Music AwardMultiple recognitions
ARIA AwardMultiple recognitions
People’s Choice AwardMultiple recognitions

Iggy Azalea’s Net Worth & Financial Success


Iggy Azalea is doing really well with her money in 2023. She has a lot of it—$15 million, to be exact. She didn’t just earn it from her music; she also gets money from companies that pay her to talk about them on social media and YouTube. This means she’s not just good at music; she’s also good at making smart business choices that help her have a lot of money.

Iggy Azalea Multi-Faceted Career: Beyond Music

Iggy Azalea is not only a successful rapper but also has talents in other areas. In an interview with Vogue, she shared that she chose to have breast augmentation to inspire people to feel confident about their bodies. Iggy has also tried modeling and worked with famous brands like Levi’s and House of Holland for their eyewear collection.

She showed her diverse skills by appearing in the 7th season of “The Fast and the Furious,” proving she has potential in the world of movies.

Iggy Azalea Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Iggy Azalea is a famous singer and rapper. She was born in Australia in 1990 and started her career at a young age. Iggy has become well-known for her music and unique style. She has faced some challenges and controversies but continues to be successful. Iggy’s journey is inspiring, and many people look forward to seeing what she will achieve in the future.


How did Iggy Azalea start her career?

Iggy Azalea started her career by moving to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a rapper.

Which awards has Iggy Azalea won?

Iggy Azalea has won two American Music Awards in the Rap and Hip Hop categories and an MTV Video Music Award in 2014, among others.

What is the height of Iggy Azalea?

Iggy Azalea stands at 5 feet 10 inches.


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