Justin Jones Nashville Ethnicity, Wiki,  Bio, Wife, Parents, Twitter, Family, Net Worth, Relationship, Speech

Justin Jones Nashville Ethnicity, Wiki,  Bio, Wife, Parents, Twitter, Family, Net Worth, Relationship, Speech

Justin Jones Nashville Ethnicity, Wiki,  Bio, Wife, Parents, Twitter, Family, Net Worth, Relationship, Speech – Dive into the world of Justin Jones, Tennessee’s trailblazer, celebrated for his activism and political strides. This blog post isn’t just about his public triumphs; we’re peeling back the layers to reveal the man behind the mission. From his relationship status to his roots, educational journey, family ties, and career milestones, we’re unpacking the rich tapestry that is Justin Jones. Join us as we venture beyond the headlines and into the heart of his story.

Justin Jones’s Bio and Wiki

NameJustin Shea Bautista-Jones
Age28 years
Date of BirthAugust 25, 1995
Education QualificationBachelor of Arts from Fisk University, Attended Vanderbilt Divinity School
BirthplaceOakland, California, United States
Bachelor’s DegreeFisk University
Additional EducationAttended Vanderbilt Divinity School
FatherMr. Jones
MotherChristine Jones
Net Worth$11 million to $12 million approximately
Justin Jones Nashville Ethnicity
Justin Jones Nashville Ethnicity, Wiki,  Bio, Wife, Parents, Twitter, Family, Net Worth, Relationship, Speech

Justin Jones Ethnicity

Justin Jones, a dynamic politician from Nashville, embodies a rich ethnic tapestry with his Filipino and African American heritage, reflecting America’s diverse cultural landscape and adding depth to his advocacy for social justice.

Justin Jones’s Early Life

Born into the vibrant diversity of Oakland, California, on August 25, 1995, Justin Jones soaked in the eclectic cultural mix that would shape his future activism and political stance. Facing life’s hurdles head-on, he transformed into a beacon of determination, poised to leave a lasting impact on his community.

Justin Jones Education Qualification

Post-high school, Justin Jones chased academic excellence at Fisk University, snagging a Bachelor of Arts. But his intellectual journey didn’t hit the brakes there; he took it up a notch at Vanderbilt Divinity School. It’s these scholarly chapters that built the bedrock for his later ventures into activism and the political arena.

Education QualificationDetails
Bachelor’s DegreeFisk University
Additional EducationAttended Vanderbilt Divinity School

Justin Jones Measurements

Justin Jones rocks a stature of 5 feet 9 inches tall, that’s about 175 centimeters for the metrically inclined. Sure, height’s just a number, but it does give you a sneak peek into the kind of presence he commands, whether he’s in the boardroom or at the podium.

Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight143 lb (92 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Justin Jones Family Background

Justin Jones keeps his family cards close to his chest, but the word on the street is his folks are Mr. Jones and Christine Jones. Sibling details might be hush-hush, but it’s clear as day that Justin’s fam is his rock, likely the source of his solid integrity, big heart, and bounce-back spirit.

Family MemberRelationshipName
FatherParentMr. Jones
MotherParentChristine Jones

Justin Jones Relationship

Word on the digital street is Justin Jones is flying solo, no ring on the finger. Despite the spotlight, he keeps his love life under wraps. Folks might gossip, but Justin’s all about that professional hustle and championing his causes.


Justin Jones’s Net Worth

Justin Jones’s net worth in the cool zone of $11 to $12 million. That’s not just a bank balance, folks – it’s a testament to his clout and the waves he’s making in activism and the political game.

Net Worth$11 million to $12 million approximately

Justin Jones Career

Justin Jones Career

Justin Jones’s path is a testament to his solid stance on social justice and active political engagement. He made waves in 2019 for his bold move to oust a Nathan Bedford Forrest bust from the Tennessee State Capitol, taking a stand against racial oppression symbols.

Come 2022, Jones hit the campaign trail, eyeing State Representative Mike Stewart’s seat in the Tennessee House for the 52nd district. Clinching a win in the Democratic Party primary, he proved his message resonated deeply with the grassroots.

Even when 2023 threw curveballs, including a Tennessee House of Representatives expulsion, Jones didn’t waver. He doubled down on his quest for progress, championing gun control and standing up for the underrepresented, showcasing his unwavering commitment to serving the public.

Justin Jones’s Social Media Accounts

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Facts About Justin Jones

  • At just 28, Justin Jones is the second youngest member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, bringing fresh energy to the political scene.
  • With a Filipino mother and an African American father, Jones’s rich heritage fuels his passion for social justice and equality.
  • A proud alumnus of Fisk University and Vanderbilt Divinity School, Jones’s academic background underpins his advocacy work.
  • From organizing sit-ins for racial justice to campaigning against voter ID laws, Jones’s activism has been a stepping stone to his political career.
  • Despite legal challenges and a brief expulsion from the state House, Jones’s commitment to his causes remains unwavering.


From the streets of Oakland to the halls of Tennessee, Justin Jones’s story is a saga of grit and resolve. He’s not just a headline-maker; he’s a real-deal doer, fueled by a commitment to his community and a dream of a fairer world. As he weaves through the political and advocacy maze, Justin Jones stands tall as a beacon for all the dreamers out there aiming to shake things up.



Who is Justin Jones? 

Justin Jones is a passionate activist and politician from Tennessee, representing parts of Nashville in the House of Representatives.

What recent event brought Justin Jones into the spotlight? 

He gained national attention after being expelled and then reinstated to the Tennessee House following a protest over gun violence.

What’s notable about Justin Jones’s background? 

Jones has a diverse heritage and has been a justice advocate since childhood, with education from Fisk University and Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Has Justin Jones faced any legal challenges? 

Yes, he’s faced charges from protests but many were dropped, highlighting his commitment to activism.

What are Justin Jones’s political stances? 

He campaigns for issues like voter ID law repeal and Medicaid expansion, reflecting his dedication to social justice.

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