Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, Age, Photos, IMDB

Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, Age, Photos, IMDB

Lisa Baur Wikipedia
Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, Age, Photos, IMDB

Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, Age, Photos, IMDB: Lisa Baur was an American actress who became famous for being in a funny movie called National Lampoon’s Animal House in 1978. Even though she didn’t act for a long time, she started making candles and became really good at it. This article talks about Lisa’s life and how she went from acting to making candles and having a successful business.

Lisa Baur Bio

Full NameLisa Baur
Birth Date1950s (Exact date undisclosed)
Birth PlaceAtlantic, Iowa, USA
ProfessionActress turned Entrepreneur
CollegeColorado State University
Height5’ 7” (170 cm)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorLight Brown
FatherJack Baur
Marital StatusMarried
Estimated Net Worth$1.6 million
Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Wiki, Obituary, Age, Photos, IMDB

Lisa Baur Early Life and Education

Lisa Baur is from Atlantic, Iowa, in the United States. We don’t know her birthday. She went to school in Atlantic and finished college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Lisa also studied at another college in Los Angeles called Los Angeles Trade Technical College. This gave her different experiences in her education.

Lisa Baur Brief Acting Career

Lisa began acting in a small part on a TV show called Charlie’s Angels. Even though she was not on screen for long, people liked her. But her big break came in 1978 with the movie Animal House. It was a big hit in theaters, but after that, Lisa didn’t continue acting for a long time.

Lisa Baur Life Beyond Acting

After being in the spotlight for a little while, Lisa started her own business. In 1995, she began a company called “Living Light Candles” because she loved making candles. Even though she didn’t have special training, Lisa worked really hard, and her business became successful. People still like the candles she makes with love and skill, even though she stopped acting a long time ago.

Lisa’s Candle-Making Journey and Married Life in New Zealand

Lisa really likes making candles, and because of that, she married a man named Heinz. They decided to live in a place called The Golden Bay Property in New Zealand. There, they enjoy their life and continue making candles together.

Lisa Baur Net Worth

Financial SuccessLisa’s Estimated Net Worth: $1.6 million
IndustryCandle Business

Lisa Baur Interesting Facts

  • Lisa has always had a passion for crafts throughout her life.
  • Originally named Cynthia, she adopted the name Lisa after her acting career.
  • Lisa taught herself the art of crafting candles.

Lisa Baur Social Media Accounts

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Lisa Baur had a unique journey from Hollywood to making candles. She is strong, creative, and changed from being in movies to having her own business. Making candles makes Lisa happy, showing that the second part of life can be as good as the first. It teaches us that we can find joy and success in different ways.


When did Lisa Baur start her candle-making business?

Lisa Baur started her candle-making business in 1995.

What inspired Lisa Baur to transition from acting to entrepreneurship?

Lisa Baur’s love for candle-making inspired her to transition from acting to entrepreneurship.

Why did Lisa Baur change her name from Cynthia?

Lisa Baur changed her name from Cynthia after leaving the acting industry.

Where does Lisa Baur currently live?

Lisa Baur currently resides in New Zealand.


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