Stacey Dales Relationships, Married, Twitter, Bio, Height, Stats, Tournament

Stacey Dales Relationships, Married, Twitter, Bio, Height, Stats, Tournament

Stacey Dales Relationships
Stacey Dales Relationships, Married, Twitter, Bio, Height, Stats, Tournament

Stacey Dales Relationships, Married, Twitter, Bio, Height, Stats, Tournament: Stacey Dales is a famous Canadian lady who used to play basketball and now talks about sports on TV. She worked for the NFL Network, where she tells people about football. Stacey also talked about other sports like basketball. Many girls look up to her because she did well in her job. She inspires them to follow their dreams. Even though we don’t know if she is married, she keeps doing a great job on TV. Kids can learn from Stacey about doing what they love and working hard.

Stacey Dales’ profile

Full NameStacey Dales
Date of Birth5 September 1979
Age (as of Aug 2023)43
BirthplaceCollingwood, Ontario, Canada
Height6’0″ (1.83 m)
Weight155 lb (70 kg)
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue
EducationUniversity of Oklahoma
ProfessionSports journalist, TV host, former basketball player
TV StationNFL Network
Former TeamsWashington Mystics, Chicago Sky
ParentsJim and Heather Dales
SiblingDallas Burke
HusbandChris Schuman (2002-2005)
Annual Salary$100,000
Net Worth$2 million
Stacey Dales Relationships, Married, Twitter, Bio, Height, Stats, Tournament

Stacey Dales’ Bio

Stacey Dales comes from Collingwood, Ontario. She lived there with her mom and dad, Heather and Jim Dales. Stacey’s brother, Dallas Burke, loved playing football in Canada. She also has a cousin named Jason Arnott, who plays hockey in the NHL. Stacey’s family really likes sports, and they probably have a great time talking about games and cheering for each other!

How old is Stacey Dales?

Stacey Dales is 43 years old, and she was born on September 5, 1979. This means she had her birthday in September. So, if we look at the calendar, we can figure out how old she is. Right now, in August 2023, she is 43 years old. People usually have parties and fun with their friends and family on their birthdays, and Stacey probably does the same around September 5th each year.

Where is Stacey Dales from?

Stacey Dales is from Ontario, Canada. She is a smart person who knows a lot about telling news stories. She went to the University of Oklahoma to learn more about talking to people and sharing information. Stacey worked hard and got a special degree called Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Now, she uses what she learned to tell stories and share news with others. It’s neat that she’s from Canada and learned so much to become a smart journalist!

How tall is Stacey Dales?

She is a tall lady, measuring 1.83 meters (6 feet). She weighs 70 kilograms, which is 155 pounds. Stacey has a body shape like an hourglass, where her shoulders and hips are about the same width, and her waist is slimmer. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, making her look special. Stacey’s body measurements, which include her chest, waist, and hips, are 34-26-36 inches. It’s fun to know about how she looks, and it’s nice that she has a unique body shape and features!

Is Stacey Dales married?

Stacey Dales is not married now; she is single. Before, she was married to a man named Chris Schuman, but they decided to get a divorce. Stacey and Chris started dating in April 2001 after being friends for some time. They had their wedding in a private ceremony on April 13, 2002, in Oklahoma City. Even though things didn’t work out in their marriage, Stacey is now living her life as a single person. It’s okay because people go through different experiences in relationships, and Stacey is focusing on herself.

Did Stacey Dales play basketball?

Stacey Dales was really good at playing basketball in high school and college. She played in important positions called shooting guard and small forward, which means she was excellent at scoring points and playing at the front part of the team. After that, she became a star player in a professional women’s basketball league called the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Stacey must have practiced a lot and played very well to become so good at basketball. It’s nice to know about her skills and success in the sport!

Success in High School

Stacey Dales played basketball at Thousand Islands Secondary School in Ontario. She was on the girls’ team and helped them win three basketball championships in a row from 1994 to 1996. After finishing high school in 1997, she went to the University of Oklahoma to keep playing basketball.

Doing Great in College

Stacey kept playing basketball in college at the University of Oklahoma. She was a shooting guard and did really well. Stacey made history by being the first player in Oklahoma to score 1,700 points, 700 assists, and 600 rebounds in five seasons. Even though her team didn’t win the big championship, she became a star player and finished college with 1,920 points. Stacey was also the best at helping her teammates score in the Big 12 conference.

Playing Pro and Retiring

After college, Stacey joined a professional basketball league called the WNBA. She played for the Washington Mystics and the Chicago Sky, making the All-Star team in her first year. But she had to stop playing for a while because she got sick. Stacey came back after one year but retired for good in 2007. Even though she faced some health challenges, Stacey Dales was really good at basketball, and she got into the Hall of Fame in 2016 for her great contributions to women’s basketball.

What happened to Stacey Dales?

After Stacey Dales finished playing basketball, she started a new job as a journalist. Instead of playing, she used what she knew about sports to talk and write about college basketball and football games. It’s like she changed from being on the basketball court to being on TV, telling people about the fun things happening in sports. Stacey probably liked sharing her love for sports in a different way, and because she used to play, she understands the games really well when she talks about them on TV.

Starting on TV

After playing basketball, Stacey Dales started working on TV. She began at ESPN, where she talked about college football and NBA games. Stacey also shared her thoughts about men’s and women’s college basketball. She even wrote articles about women’s basketball for, showing how much she loved the game.

Talking about Different Sports

Stacey didn’t just stop at ESPN; she worked at ABC, CBS, TNT, and NBC too. She talked about women’s basketball in NCAA at ABC and CBS, covering exciting games. Stacey also talked on the radio and worked for the Sooner Sports Network. She even became a reporter during the 2010 Winter Olympics for NBC Universal Sports, where she talked about various winter sports.

Joining the NFL Network

In 2009, Stacey joined the NFL Network. Now, she talks about the National Football League (NFL), sharing reports on shows like NFL Now, NFL Total Access, and NFL GameDay Morning. Stacey’s good at what she does, and people respect her because she knows a lot about sports and has been on TV for a long time.

Stacey Dales’ Net Worth

Stacey Dales, who finished college at the University of Oklahoma, has a total net worth of $2 million. She got this money from playing basketball and working on TV. Stacey didn’t just keep the money for herself; she used it to help others. She supported groups like Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries. It’s cool that she shares her success by helping these groups and doing good things for the community.

Stacey Dales Social Media Accounts

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here


Stacey Dales did great things in her life. First, she was good at playing basketball, and now she talks about sports on TV. She also uses her money to help different groups in the community, like building houses or helping animals. Stacey shows us that when we work hard, we can do many things and also be kind to others.

Stacey Dales Interview

NFL Network’s Stacey Dales on Who the Panthers Will Draft #1 Overall | The Rich Eisen Show


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