Who is SZA dating 2024: Who is SZA dating right now, Age, Partner, Who Is SZA Dating Now?

Who is SZA dating 2024: Who is SZA dating right now, Age, Partner, Who Is SZA Dating Now?

Who is SZA dating 2024: Who is SZA dating right now, Age, Partner, Who Is SZA Dating Now?: SZA, the amazing singer, has a special way of singing that people really like. She also has interesting stories about who she likes romantically. Even though many people know her music, she doesn’t talk much about her love life.

Some people think she may have had a short romance with Drake, another famous musician. She also had a long and sometimes difficult relationship with her ex-fiancé that lasted for ten years. Despite being famous, SZA doesn’t share a lot about her romantic life, and it makes people curious about who she loves.

Who is SZA dating 2024
Who is SZA dating 2024: Who is SZA dating right now, Age, Partner, Who Is SZA Dating Now?


Birth Date8 Nov. 1989
BirthplaceSt. Louis, Missouri
Notable Works“Ctrl” Album, “Good Days” Single
CollaborationsDrake (“Slime You Out”), [Other Collaborations]
RelationshipsEx-fiancé (Identity undisclosed), Drake (Brief)
InspirationsPersonal Experiences, Relationships, Heartbreak
Musical StyleR&B, Neo Soul, Alternative R&B
AchievementsGrammy Nominations, Billboard Chart Success
Philanthropy[Any Philanthropic Activities]
Current StatusEvolving Personally and Professionally
Who is SZA dating 2024: Who is SZA dating right now, Age, Partner, Who Is SZA Dating Now?

Drake Drama

In 2020, Drake surprised everyone in his song “Mr. Right Now” by saying he dated SZA in 2008. SZA quickly corrected it, saying it was actually in 2009 when she was of legal age. Despite Drake mentioning it in his song, SZA explained it was just a youthful fling, nothing serious. Surprisingly, in 2023, they worked together on the song “Slime You Out,” showing they were still friendly despite their past romance.


The Mysterious Ex-Fiancé

SZA doesn’t reveal who her ex-fiancé is, but she shared some details about their long relationship. They were engaged for five years and dated for a whopping 11 years. SZA started dating him right after high school. Despite the long time they were together, problems arose, and they separated five or six years before SZA spoke openly about their relationship.

Love, Music, and Heartbreak

Who is SZA dating 2024
Who is SZA dating 2024: Who is SZA dating right now, Age, Partner, Who Is SZA Dating Now?

SZA’s ex-fiancé was crucial in her music journey, inspiring her and supporting her financially. In an interview, SZA admitted she started doing music to prove herself to him. Many of her emotional songs, like “Nobody Gets Me,” came from the pain of their breakup. Despite the hurt, SZA acknowledges how much he influenced her life and art.

From Concert Confessions to Text Message Drama

SZA, despite trying to keep things private, sometimes talked about her heartbreak during live shows. In one show in Portland, she hinted at her ex, expressing sadness about being blocked on all communication channels. This raw moment connected with fans, showing the deep emotions in her music. However, being open had consequences, as SZA shared her ex’s father was disappointed by her onstage revelations, revealing the challenges of dealing with personal pain in public.

Growth and Healing

Through the ups and downs of her romantic journey, SZA has become stronger. Despite the heartbreak, she’s focused on healing and expressing herself. Her experiences shaped her as an artist and a person, inspiring her creativity and authenticity. As she grows personally and professionally, SZA’s fans are excited for the next chapter of her story, knowing it will be filled with sincerity and soulfulness.


SZA’s dating history shows the complexity of love and loss. From short romances to long relationships, her journey reflects universal themes of heartbreak and healing. SZA takes her audience on a voyage of self-exploration and development through her music and glimpses into her life. As she faces the challenges of fame and relationships, one thing is clear: SZA’s authenticity and vulnerability shine through, captivating audiences worldwide.

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1. How did SZA’s past relationships affect her songs?

SZA’s old relationships, especially a long one, made her songs. “Nobody Gets Me” talks about her sad feelings after breaking up.

2. What happened when SZA talked about her feelings in concerts?

SZA talked about her sad feelings in concerts. People liked it, but her ex’s dad got upset because it was private.

3. How did SZA’s ex-fiancé help with her music?

SZA’s ex-fiancé helped her music a lot. He inspired her songs and gave her money in the beginning, making a big impact on her life.

4. How does SZA stay real in her music and deal with fame?

SZA stays true to herself in her music. She talks about her feelings and stays open. Fans can expect more honest and soulful music from her.

5. What has changed for SZA since the Drake drama, and what’s next?

SZA got stronger after the Drake drama. She keeps growing in her personal life and music. Fans are excited to see what comes next and know it will be real and heartfelt.

6. How does SZA share her feelings while keeping some things private, and what happens when she talks about her relationships?

SZA talks about her feelings but keeps some things private. Once, her ex’s dad got upset when she talked about their relationship on stage. It shows it’s not easy to share personal feelings in public.

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