Tim Smith Moonshine Wikipedia, Age, Review, Recipe, Brand, Net Worth

Tim Smith Moonshine Wikipedia, Age, Review, Recipe, Brand, Net Worth

Tim Smith Moonshine Wikipedia, Age, Review, Recipe, Brand, Net Worth: Tim Smith is a famous person from a TV show called “Moonshiners.” People love watching him because he’s really good at making moonshine, and he has a fun and interesting personality. But there’s more to Tim’s story than just what we see on TV. He started his life in Virginia, and it wasn’t fancy or rich at the beginning. As time went on, though, Tim became well-known and successful. He worked hard and became famous, and now he has a lot of money. In this article, we will learn about Tim Smith’s life and how he became successful, discovering the hidden stories behind his wealth.

Tim Smith Moonshine Bio

Full NameTim Smith
Date of BirthDecember 23, 1966
Place of BirthVirginia, USA
Age57 years old
ProfessionMoonshiner, Reality TV Personality, Businessman
Height5 feet 10 inch
Weight78 kg
Net Worth$500,000
Marital StatusMarried to Shelby
ChildrenSon named JT Smith
FamilyWife: Shelby
Son: JT Smith
Tim Smith Moonshine Wikipedia, Age, Review, Recipe, Brand, Net Worth

Tim Smith’s Early Life and Family Tradition

Tim Smith was born in Virginia, USA, on December 23, 1966. His family made moonshine for a long time. Even though he tried acting, he went back to making moonshine like his family.


Tim Smith’s Rise to Stardom

Tim became famous when he joined the show “Moonshiners” in 2011. The show is about making moonshine in the mountains. People loved Tim because he was real and knew a lot about making moonshine.

Tim Smith’s Family and Personal Life

Tim has a happy family life. He’s married to Shelby, and they have a son named JT Smith. He also helps as a Fire Chief with Shelby. Tim is busy but still finds joy in being a dad and helping his community.

Tim Smith’s Physical Appearance

Tim is about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 78 kilograms. He looks strong and confident, just like his role on TV.

Tim Smith’s Challenges and Controversies

Tim Smith Moonshine Wikipedia
Tim Smith’s Challenges and Controversies

Even though Tim is famous, some people don’t like his show because they think it makes illegal things seem good. But Tim and his friends say it’s just for fun and to remember old times.

Tim Smith’s Legacy and Influence

Tim’s story is important because it shows how you can follow your dreams and be successful. He’s made a lot of money from his show and his own distillery.

Tim Smith’s Online Presence

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Tim Smith Moonshine Wikipedia, Age, Review, Recipe, Brand, Net Worth

Tim Smith’s Continued Journey

Tim’s story is like a big adventure. He worked hard and became famous, but he’s still the same person he was before. And his story is not over yet!


Tim Smith’s life story is a fascinating journey from a family tradition of moonshining in Virginia to becoming a well-known figure on the show “Moonshiners.” His rise to fame, dedication to family, and resilience in the face of challenges showcase the power of hard work and staying true to one’s roots. Tim’s story is not just about success but also about maintaining authenticity and making a positive impact. As he continues his adventure, one thing is certain: Tim Smith’s legacy will endure, inspiring others to follow their dreams.


How did Tim Smith’s background in moonshining influence his career choices?

Tim Smith’s family tradition of moonshining played a crucial role, leading him to embrace his roots and become a third-generation moonshiner.

What challenges did Tim Smith face, and how did he handle controversies surrounding the show “Moonshiners”?

Despite facing criticism for allegedly glorifying illegal activities, Tim Smith and his fellow cast members maintained that the show was a dramatization, preserving the history and tradition of moonshining with resilience and determination.

How has Tim Smith diversified his success beyond the TV show, and what is his notable contribution to his community?

Tim Smith expanded his empire by opening his own distillery, contributing to his estimated net worth of $500,000, and actively serves as the Fire Chief of the Climax Volunteer Fire Department, showcasing his commitment to both business and community.

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