Tina Friml Wikipedia, Wiki, Disability, Age, Comedic Prowess, Family, and More

Tina Friml Wikipedia, Wiki, Disability, Age, Comedic Prowess, Family, and More

Tina Friml Wikipedia
Tina Friml’s Wikipedia, Wiki, Disability, Age, Comedic Prowess, Family, and More

Tina Friml Wikipedia, Wiki, Disability, Age, Comedic Prowess, Family, and More: Meet Tina Friml, a funny and cheerful American comedian who is also famous on social media. People love her unique style and how she makes them laugh and feel happy. Tina’s positive and funny way of talking has made her a star online, bringing joy to many.

Tina Friml Bio

Full NameTina Friml
Date of BirthJanuary 2, 1994
BirthplaceBurlington, Vermont, USA
Age (2023)29 years
DisabilityCerebral Palsy
CareerProfessional Comedian, Social Media Influencer
LocationNew York City
Net WorthApproximately $400,000
Earnings (Monthly)Around $10,000
EducationPrivate school in Burlington, Vermont; Bachelor’s
degree from Saint Michael’s College; Further
studies at Griffith University
Height & WeightEstimated 5 feet 8 inches tall, approximately 57 kg
(125 pounds)
Physical FeaturesGolden-reddish hair, Green eyes
Tina Friml Wikipedia, Wiki, Disability, Age, Comedic Prowess, Family, and More

Tina Friml Early Years

She was born on 2, January 1994, in Burlington, Vermont. She’s 29 years old and has a birthday celebration every year. Even though Tina faces challenges because of Cerebral Palsy, she shows her strength through stand-up comedy. She tells funny stories that teach us about her strong and interesting way of looking at life.

Tina Friml: The Comedy Trail in New York

Tina Friml lives in New York City and many people really like her funny style. Even though she has a special way of talking because of her disability, people find it interesting. She tells jokes at big events like the Boston Comedy Chicks and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. Tina is becoming one of the most liked comedians because people enjoy her funny and different way of looking at things.

Tina Friml Net Worth

Award-Winning Stand-up Comedian
Social Media Influencer
Earnings (Monthly)Around $10,000
Net WorthApproximately $400,000
Career HighlightsJust for Laughs Festival (2019),
New York Comedy Festival,
Limestone Comedy Festival

Tina Friml Educational Journey and Awards

Private School (Location)Burlington, Vermont
Bachelor’s DegreeSaint Michael’s College
Further StudiesGriffith University
Awards and Accolades2019 Readers’ Choice Award for ‘Best Standup
Comic’ in Seven Days Newspaper
‘Vermont’s Funniest Comedian’ in 2018 at the
Vermont Comedy Club

Tina Friml Parents and Personal Life

We don’t know much about Tina Friml’s parents, but we can see she works really hard in her job. Even though we’re curious about her family, Tina is really focused on her career and loves making people laugh with her comedy.

Tina Friml Physical Attributes

We’re not sure exactly how tall or heavy Tina Friml is, but it looks like she might be around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 57 kg (125 pounds). She has long legs, pretty golden-reddish hair, and really nice green eyes. Tina looks good, and these things add to why people like her when she’s telling funny jokes.

Tina Friml Trivia and Achievements

Career Start Year2019
Educational BackgroundGraduated from Saint Michael’s College with
a bachelor’s degree; Further studies at
Griffith University
Awards and Achievements– Readers’ Choice Award for ‘Best Standup
Comic’ in 2019
– Crowned ‘Vermont’s Funniest Comedian’ in
Birth DateJanuary 2, 1994
Birthday CelebrationAnnual celebrations

Tina Friml Social Media Accounts

Social MediaLink
InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
YouTubeClick Here


Tina Friml faced challenges but became a famous comedian, and that’s really inspiring. Her story is like a bright light, showing how strong and determined she is. Tina keeps going up in the comedy world, and she’s like a symbol of never giving up and making people happy by making them laugh. People really like Tina because she has a special way of looking at things, and her funny talent makes her special to fans all over the country.


When did Tina Friml start her comedy career?

Tina Friml initiated her comedy career in 2019.

What accolade did Tina Friml receive in 2019?

In 2019, Tina Friml received the readers’ choice award for ‘Best Standup Comic.’

Where did Tina Friml pursue further studies after graduating from Saint Michael’s College?

After graduating from Saint Michael’s College, Tina Friml pursued further studies at Griffith University.

What sets Tina Friml apart as a comedian?

Tina Friml stands out as a comedian due to her unique perspective, comedic brilliance, and the joy she spreads through laughter.


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