Autumn Snyder Wikipedia, Wiki, Reddit, Suicide, Funeral, Who is, Cause of Death, Mother

Autumn Snyder Wikipedia, Wiki, Reddit, Suicide, Funeral, Who is, Cause of Death, Mother

Autumn Snyder Wikipedia, Wiki, Reddit, Suicide, Funeral, Who is, Cause of Death, Mother: Autumn Snyder was a special person whose life became famous in 2017. She was the daughter of a famous filmmaker named Zack Snyder. Autumn’s life was a bit mysterious until something very sad happened in March 2017, which shocked everyone around the world. In this article, we will learn more about Autumn’s life, including her family, the things she loved, and the sad events leading to her passing away. It’s important to talk about her story in a way that even a 3rd-grade student can understand.

Autumn Snyder Bio

Full NameAutumn Snyder
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1996
Death DateMarch 12, 2017
Age at Time of Death20 years old
Cause of DeathAcute Citalopram and Diphenhydramine intoxication
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthChina
Weight58 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
FatherZack Snyder
MotherDeborah Snyder
Siblings7 (biological and adopted)
UniversitySarah Lawrence College
Education StatusAttending college at the time of her death
PassionsFilm industry, Writing, Philanthropy
Autumn Snyder Wikipedia, Wiki, Reddit, Suicide, Funeral, Who is, Cause of Death, Mother

Autumn’s Family and Early Years

She was born on 27 Nov. 1996 (China). She had many brothers and sisters, some were adopted, and others were from her dad’s previous relationships. Her dad is Zack Snyder, a famous filmmaker. Autumn grew up in California with her family, including her dad and stepmom. Even though her family faced some challenges, Autumn loved acting, inspired by her dad.


Autumn’s School and Dreams

Autumn’s School and Dreams

Autumn went to Sarah Lawrence College and was really smart and determined. Sadly, she couldn’t finish college and passed away at 20. Besides school, she cared about helping others. In 2014, she started the Write-A-Thon Charity to help homeless moms. She also worked with a group called Elizabeth House to help people in need.

Autumn’s Sad Passing

In March 2017, Autumn passed away, and it made many people sad. Her dad, Zack Snyder, took a break from making a movie called Justice League to be with his family. Even though Autumn had medicine and talked to someone about her feelings, she struggled a lot. Her passing made people think more about preventing others from feeling this way.

Understanding Autumn’s Struggles

Autumn had a tough time, and her dad, Zack Snyder, tried to help her feel better. She wrote about her feelings, showing how hard it was for her. Even with medicine and talking to someone, it was tough. This reminds us that some people silently struggle, and we need to understand and help them.

Autumn’s Kindness and Legacy

Autumn did kind things for others. She helped homeless moms and supported different groups. Even though her sci-fi book was not published, she left a good impact on people.

The Change in Justice League

Autumn’s passing affected her dad’s work on Justice League. He took a break, and another person finished the movie. People didn’t like the changed version, so they asked for the original. This made a difference, and the original movie was released.

Remembering Autumn Snyder

Autumn’s memory lives on. Even though her story is sad, it teaches us about important things. We should care about mental health, help families going through tough times, and be strong when life is hard. We remember Autumn by being kind and supportive to others.

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Autumn Snyder Wikipedia, Wiki, Reddit, Suicide, Funeral, Who is, Cause of Death, Mother


Autumn Snyder’s life was marked by both joy and sadness. Despite facing difficult times, she showed kindness by helping others. Her passing made her family very sad, and her dad, Zack Snyder, had to stop working on a movie to be with them. Autumn’s memory lives on through the good things she did, like starting a charity. It’s essential for us to be kind and understanding, especially when someone is feeling sad.


When and where was Autumn Snyder born?

She was born on 27 Nov. 1996 (China).

What impact did Autumn’s death have on Zack Snyder’s work?

Autumn’s death led Zack Snyder to take a break from working on the Justice League movie, influencing reshoots and ultimately sparking the #SnyderCut movement.

What philanthropic initiatives did Autumn Snyder undertake?

Autumn initiated the Write-A-Thon Charity in 2014 to help homeless mothers and collaborated with the charity organization Elizabeth House, showcasing her compassionate nature.

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