Sy Kravitz Wikipedia, Wiki, Daughters, Net Worth, Height, First Wife, Cause of Death

Sy Kravitz Wikipedia, Wiki, Daughters, Net Worth, Height, First Wife, Cause of Death

Sy Kravitz Wikipedia, Wiki, Daughters, Net Worth, Height, First Wife, Cause of Death: Sy Kravitz was a really important person in the world of TV and he did some cool stuff in his life. First, he was in the military in the United States before becoming a big shot in TV. When he was a kid, he had a life too, and we can learn about it. He did things that made people remember him even after he was not here anymore.

Sy Kravitz Bio

Full NameSeymour Kravitz
Date of BirthDecember 10, 1924
Age at Death80 years old
DeathOctober 29, 2005, in New York City
Place of BirthBrooklyn, New York City, USA
ParentsJoseph Kravitz (Father)
Jean Kaufman (Mother)
SiblingLeonard Harold Kravitz (Brother)
Spouse (1st Marriage)Erika (Married in 1948, Divorced in 1955)
Children (1st Marriage)Laurie Kravitz and Tedi Kravitz
Spouse (2nd Marriage)Roxie Roker (Married in 1963, Divorced in 1985)
Child (2nd Marriage)Lenny Kravitz (Born on May 26, 1964)
GranddaughterZoe Kravitz
EducationBachelor of Arts (Graduated in 1946)
Military ServiceUnited States Army
Green Beret
CareerTelevision Producer
Worked at NBC
Featured in “Sid Bernstein Presents” (2010)
Net Worth$6 Million (Estimated at the time of death)
Health IssuesDiagnosed with leukemia
Sy Kravitz Wikipedia, Wiki, Daughters, Net Worth, Height, First Wife, Cause of Death

Sy Kravitz’s Early Life and School Days

He was born on 10 December 1924 (Brooklyn, New York City). His mom and dad, Joseph Kravitz and Jean Kaufman, came from Russia. Sy grew up with his younger brother, Leonard M. Kravitz, who sadly lost his life during the Korean War. Sy went to Beverly Hills High School, where he liked drama club and played football. After finishing high school, he got a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1946.

Sy Kravitz’s Time in the Army

Sy Kravitz felt it was important to help his country, so he joined the United States Army. He became a Green Beret and reached the rank of Sergeant. He bravely served in both World War II and the Korean War. During the Vietnam War, he worked as a journalist supporting military efforts.

Sy Kravitz’s Move to Making TV Shows

Sy Kravitz Wikipedia
Sy Kravitz’s Move to Making TV Shows

After finishing his time in the army, Sy Kravitz started working in television. He did important things at the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). His job was to help with the video parts of NBC shows, and many people across America knew about him. In 2010, a documentary called “Sid Bernstein Presents” talked about how influential he was.

Sy Kravitz’s Family Life

In 1948, Sy got married to Erika, and they had two kids, Laurie and Tedi Kravitz. Sadly, they got divorced in 1955. In 1963, he got married again to actress Roxie Roker, and they had a son named Leonard (Lenny) Albert Kravitz in 1964. Sy and Roxie stayed married for almost two decades, until 1985. Roxie Roker, who was famous for being in “The Jeffersons,” passed away in 1995 because of breast cancer.

Sy Kravitz’s Legacy and Family Ties

Sy Kravitz’s legacy is still here because of his three children: Laurie, Tedi, and the famous musician Lenny Kravitz. Even though there were some hard times and divorces, he stayed connected with his children. Lenny Kravitz said nice things about his dad at a concert in Connecticut after Sy passed away.


Sy Kravitz’s Money

When Sy Kravitz passed away in 2005, people thought his money was around $6 million. He made this money from his job making TV shows and acting.

Sy Kravitz’s Sickness and Saying Goodbye

In his later years, Sy Kravitz got sick with leukemia. On October 29, 2005, he passed away in a New York hospital. We don’t know exactly when he got sick, but we do know that leukemia made him leave.

Sy Kravitz: The Man Who Liked Travel and Animals

Sy Kravitz really liked going to different places like England and Greece. He also loved animals and had many pet dogs when he was in his 30s and 40s. He enjoyed watching movies and listening to Elvis Presley. Besides his job, Sy Kravitz was also someone who liked to help others by giving money to good causes.

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Sy Kravitz Wikipedia, Wiki, Daughters, Net Worth, Height, First Wife, Cause of Death


Sy Kravitz’s life story, from being a soldier to making TV shows, shows how strong and good he was. He did important things in the TV world and also faced some hard times in his life. Looking back at his life, we can see that Sy Kravitz did things that people will always remember and feel happy about.


What was Sy Kravitz’s role in the military, and how did he contribute during wartime?

Sy Kravitz served as a Green Beret in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Sergeant, and he bravely contributed to both World War II and the Korean War.

How did Sy Kravitz leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry after his military service?

Following his military career, Sy Kravitz transitioned into television production, playing a significant role at NBC and leaving a lasting influence on American television.

Can you share insights into Sy Kravitz’s family life, including his marriages and the legacy he left through his children?

Sy Kravitz had two marriages, the first to Erika with whom he had Laurie and Tedi, and the second to actress Roxie Roker, resulting in a son named Lenny Kravitz. Despite challenges, his legacy lives on through his internationally acclaimed musician son and his enduring connections with his children.

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