Will There Be Berserk Season 3? (Updated in 2024)

Berserk Season 3 catches some vibes from the anime show. Are you excited? So, why did you stop here? Let us catch up more together related to the Berserk Anime & see what it will take for us.

Catching more, and see that Berserk is a TV series adapted from the Kentaro Miura Manga with a sequel to the Golden Age Arc. The Dark Fantasy genre anime directed by Shin Itagaki gives us the most interesting episodes. Explore them!

Berserk Season 3: Disclosure!

After such a mind-blowing Berserk two seasons, now what everyone is looking for is the Berserk Season 3 Release Date. As per the official updates, we can not say anything about when is Berserk Season 3 coming out. What is the expected thing that we can refer to now, is to move with the available anime shows. See what next we can know more about the anime.

Berserk: Overview

ParticularBerserk’s Overview
GenreDark Fantasy
DirectorShin Itagaki
WriterMakoto Fukami
MusicShiro Sagisu
Original NetworkTBS, CBC, MBS

Berserk: Synopsis

Categorizing the Berserk Anime in short, we see that it is all about the Dark Fantasy. The story follows the different Berserk Arcs that you see in the series. Getting in touch with the anime, you will see the Band of the Hawk who fought against Griffith. Letting you know how he left all his followers to be one of the gods of the hands. Both Guts and Casca are lovers who are a part of the anime show. See more into the anime, you will love the action, and fantasy anime part.

Berserk Season 3: Ratings & Reviews

After such a good pattern, now let you take you the part where you will see the Berserk Season 3 ratings. Through it, what you will get is the most vital information on whether the Berserk Season 2 is worth watching or not. Let it be, and see what are the top ratings for the show:

  • Crunchyroll: 3.9/5
  • IMDb List: 7.7/10
  • MyAnime List: 6.3/10

Berserk Season 3: Cast & Characters

Berserk season 3 Characters
Yuuko MiyamuraCasca
Toshiyuki MorikawaGriffith
Nobutoshi CannaGuts
Tesshou GendaAdon Coborlwitz
Yuri ShiratoriCharlotte
Akira IshidaJudeau

Berserk Season 3: Episode Review

Berserk Season 1

S. No.EpisodesRun Date
11-121 July 2016 – 16 September 2016

Berserk Season 2

S. No.EpisodesRun Date
11-127 April 2017 – 23 June 2017

Berserk Season 3: Any Trailer Yet?

While catching the information for the Berserk Season 3 trailer, you will not get anything. Instead, you will see what it covers in the Berserk Season 2 trailer. After which you can finally analyze whether you want to move with the anime or not. Glance at it:

Official berserk season 2 trailer [HD]

Berserk Season 3: Online Platforms!

Yes, you can watch Berserk Season 3 online, we have listed the best platform layouts for you so that you will not have trouble finding them. Only the top platforms are categorized and finalized for our audience. When you reach them, ensure that you are residing in the watching country in case not, you can only try the VPN and watch Berserk.

S.NoOnline Berserk Platforms
2Amazon Prime Video


From here, you see that Berserk Anime Season 3 is not out yet. And there are no updates related to the show. See when it will come out and we explore the show so far. At times, try and find other anime prevailing in the anime world.

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