Taylor McGregor Wikipedia, Wiki, Married, Age, College, Feet, Bio, ESPN, Height, Dad, Measurements

Taylor McGregor Wikipedia, Wiki, Married, Age, College, Feet, Bio, ESPN, Height, Dad, Measurements

Taylor McGregor Wikipedia
Taylor McGregor Wikipedia, Wiki, Married, Age, College, Feet, Bio, ESPN, Height, Dad, Measurements

Taylor McGregor Wikipedia, Wiki, Married, Age, College, Feet, Bio, ESPN, Height, Dad, Measurements: Taylor McGregor is a famous person who talks about sports on TV. She is known for talking about college sports. This article talks about Taylor’s life, from when she was little to her job now. Taylor has become important in sports reporting, especially for college sports. The article looks at different parts of Taylor’s life, like her early years and her job. It shows how Taylor is good at talking about college sports. She likes her job, and people respect her for it. The article tells more about Taylor’s life and shows that she is interesting both on and off the TV screen.

Taylor McGregor Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameTaylor McGregor
Birth DateMay 17, 1990
Age (as of 2023)33 Years
Birth PlaceColorado, USA
ProfessionHost, Reporter
Physical Characteristics
Height5′ 10″ (177 cm)
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHazel
Body TypeSlim
Family Details
FatherKeli Scott McGregor
MotherLori McGregor
SisterJordan McGregor Goergen, Landri McGregor
BrotherLogan McGregor
SchoolGolden High School
CollegeUniversity of Arkansas
Marital StatusSingle
Financial Information
Estimated Salary$70,203 per year
Estimated Net Worth$750,000

Taylor McGregor Family and Early Life

Taylor McGregor was born on May 17, 1990, in Colorado, USA, on the West side of the country. She grew up near Denver with her family who really loved sports. Taylor’s mom and dad, Lori and Keli Scott McGregor, were important in making her love sports. She has three brothers and sisters – Jordan, Landri, and Logan. Taylor’s dad, Keli Scott McGregor, used to play football in the NFL and later became the boss of the Colorado Rockies. But when Taylor was 17, her dad passed away, and it made her very sad. Even though her family faced hard times, they played a big part in making Taylor the person she is today.

Taylor McGregor’s Journey in Journalism Education

Taylor McGregor Wikipedia
Taylor McGregor Wikipedia, Wiki, Married, Age, College, Feet, Bio, ESPN, Height, Dad, Measurements

Taylor went to Golden High School, and then in 2011, she started going to the University of Arkansas. At the university, she learned about journalism, which is all about sharing news. Taylor really liked it. In 2015, she finished her studies and got a special degree called Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. This means she knows how to talk on TV and tell people about the news. She worked hard in school to follow her passion for journalism.

Taylor McGregor Professional Growth and Early Career

Career StageDetails
Early YearsLearned about journalism in college and worked at MLB Networks, FOX Sports Kansas City, ROOT Sports, and KNWA TV. Joined the SEC Network as a Production Assistant in 2014.
Mid-CareerWorked as a Student Assistant for Razorvision in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Joined KCWY TV in September 2015 as a Weekend Sports Anchor and Reporter. Climbed the ladder to become the Director of KCWY TV for four years and five months.
Recent YearsIn January 2020, moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, as a Sports Reporter and Anchor. Continues to talk about sports on TV, making her journalism journey exciting and successful.

Taylor McGregor Personal Life

Taylor McGregor is not married, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. She keeps her personal life private, and there’s no information about her having a boyfriend or girlfriend before. Taylor is more interested in her job, and you can see this from what she posts on social media. She shares little parts of her everyday life online, showing that she likes what she does for work. So, right now, Taylor is focusing on her job and doesn’t seem to be romantically involved with anyone.

Taylor McGregor Achievements and Net Worth

Because Taylor McGregor works really hard, she makes a good amount of money. Every year, she gets around $70,203 for her job in sports journalism. We don’t know exactly how much money she has in total, but people think it’s about $750,000. That’s a lot! It means she can live comfortably and have a nice life because of her successful career. Taylor’s dedication to her work has paid off, and she’s doing really well.

Taylor McGregor Personal and Touches Trivia

Taylor McGregor loves football, just like her dad. Her dad, Keli Scott McGregor, was really good at playing football, and he always wore the number 88 on his jersey. To remember her dad, Taylor wears the number 8 on her jersey. She even tapes an extra 8 to it. This is her way of showing love and remembering her dad who was so good at football. Even though he’s not here anymore, Taylor keeps a special connection with her dad through the sport they both love.

Taylor McGregor Social Media Accounts

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramClick Here
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So, Taylor McGregor works hard in sports journalism. She started in Colorado and now is well-known across the country. Taylor loves her job, does internships, and works on TV. She remembers her dad, who was good at football, by wearing the number 8 on her jersey. Even though she keeps her personal life private, Taylor shares a bit on social media. She makes good money, showing she’s doing well. Taylor’s story is like a guide for others dreaming of success in sports reporting.


How did Taylor McGregor pay tribute to her father’s football legacy?

Taylor honors her father by wearing the jersey number 8 and adding an extra 8, symbolizing her father’s iconic number 88.

What sets Taylor McGregor apart in her career?

Taylor stands out in her career due to her dedication and hard work, evident from her early internships to key roles in major sports networks.

What aspect of her life does Taylor keep private?

Taylor maintains a private personal life, only sharing glimpses on social media, showcasing her focus on her career.


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